2013 ginnesia, s.l.
We are competing in a market where the usual process is to look for the spotlight based on a strong image and a heavy media presence, not necessarily backed by a good quality product. We are different and we act different.  We let GINNESIA speak for itself. In fact, we propose a tasting of pure GINNESIA to let its personality come through. We don't need any twist or botannicals floating on our G&T to enjoy GINNESIA, but real mixologists will know how to get the most of the incredible presentation and preparation possibilities it offeres. True difference can only be tasted: the first fruity flavour turns into a citrics bouquet and finishes with a floral twist that invites us to repeat the whole process and continue to enjoy your GINNESIA.
38% vol GINNESIA promotes responsible drinking. contact legal information concept production unique ginnesia session product unique